Love Mario Kart? Now You Can do it For Real!

Mario Kart, what an amazing series of games right?

What if you could do it for real, as in be Mario,Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi or if you really want to be Princess Peach, well now you can.

There’s a small catch though. You’ll have to go to Tokyo to do it with MariKart.

That’s right, you can now drive around the streets of Tokyo with real traffic and try to enact the best moments of Mario Kart with this themed tour of Tokyo.

We’re not sure if it would pass ‘elf and safety here in the UK but who cares,  it looks seriously good fun to do and for 8,000 Yen (around £60/$78) its pretty good value too and you can find out more about it on their site here.

We have no idea what would happen if you crashed into a mystery box though, would you get a red homing shell or a ride in an ambulance, we think the latter, but hey, who cares when you’re dressed like Mario right?

Either way, we’re jealous that others are getting to do this and glad that this is actually a real thing because who hasn’t wanted to do this with their mates since the very first game came out on the Super Nintendo way back in 1992.

We’re not sure if you can detour off to a multi-story car park and tie some balloons on the back of the Kart and lob things at the other participants ala Mario Kart 64 as that would be a dream come true for N64 fans as well!

Oh, and one more thing, if you do go over and do this, you do have to have a real life driving licence and be prepared for people to take lots of pictures of you as well!

Check it our for yourself.

Would you do this?

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