It Came from the Desert (1989) – Amiga Classic Review

Giant Ants in your pants? Best get the cropduster out!


It Came from the Desert came out on the Amiga way back in 1989 and is regarded as one of the best titles to come out of the amazing Cinemaware stable.

The game takes place in the mid-1950’s. Rock and roll culture, cold war paranoia and that white picket fence heyday vibe are in full swing and you play a geologist who’s just moved to the desert town of Lizard Breath.

After a mysterious meteor crashes nearby and blocks off access to the outside world, it up to you to solve the strange sightings of ants that have mutated into 8-foot-tall beasts thanks to the meteors radioactive properties and you have limited amount of time to do this.

The race against the clock is on and you need to solve the mystery and save the townsfolk from impending disaster.

It Came from the Desert Sounds like a B-Movie huh?

It should do as this is what it’s based on and it pulls it off marvelously and really showcased what the Amiga could do and be for serious gamers, even today!

Its full of clichéd characters (and glorious for it) and there’s even some romance thrown in for good measure when you play it you will be hooked into the general atmosphere and life that a game this old provides and the story is awesome too.

The game itself has loads of locations and locals to talk to and piece together things so that you can get the authorities in the area on side to help the town. The local petrol station, bar, police station, airfield, farms, cults, university campus, radio station and more await you alongside the stereotypical 50’s characters that populate them.

It a sight to behold and one that any new or old adventure fan will adore.

The graphics are lush and vibrant and for a game of this age hold up very well considering. You will be impressed, the Amiga was and still is a wonderful machine so it won’t surprise veterans but for newcomers, you’ll enjoy them as the art style and attention to detail for the era it’s set in really does make you feel like you are in some small and isolated 50’s tumbleweed strewn town.

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