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8 Classic 90’s Pinball Video Games To Play Again


Pinball video games are great fun and whilst there was nothing better than slamming some money into a real Pinball Machine in a seaside arcade and racking up a high score and looking like coolest person in the arcade we couldn’t replicate it at home that easily.

Luckily back in the early 90’s we had some great games that brought Pinball to the home.

Some were realistic attempts at recreating the arcade experience and others used Pinball as a base to add more to it.

Retroheadz goes back and checks out the mostly 16-Bit classic pinball video games that are worth tracking down and loading up once more or just adding to your retro game collection.

Dragon’s Fury – Mega Drive

Dragon’s Fury came out on the Mega Drive and PC Engine (as Devil’s Crush) and adds a devilish vibe to it. It also has a rocking sound track and the levels and bosses were all themed to the dark side too.

We’re surprised this got past the censors back then but maybe it’s because they too got totally addicted to it.


Sonic Spinball – Mega Drive

After the success of Sonic 2 and it’s hugely popular Casino Zone level where Sonic was bouncing about a giant Vegas style pinball machine, Sonic Spinball took this and made a whole game out of it.

Yes, the animation is a bit weak and always feels like its missing a few frames throughout but it added the platform elements that everyone loved back in 1993 and combined it with Pinball to make a unique and fun game that while frustrating in places is a blast to play.

If you have a Mega Drive Mini Sonic Spinball comes on it and if you ever went to Alton Towers they also had a themed ride based on this game!

Pinball Dreams – Amiga

Pinball Dreams, wow, what can we say but this is amazing.

The Amiga classic came with four pinball tables from easy to OMG hard and was ideal on the popular home computer as the shift keys controlled the flippers and the space bar launched the ball.

This was hugely popular back in the day and holds up really well now with excellent ball physics and appealing tables and each had music to match. You can still spend hours trying to master the tables and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Pinball Dreams also came out on the SNES, Gameboy and even the 8-Bit Amstrad CPC 464 and you can even get it on your mobile today!

Psycho Pinball – Mega Drive

Psycho Pinball came out on the Mega Drive and PC back in 1994 and is an excellent pinball game on Sega’s classic 16-Bit console.

You could jump on over to other tables, it had mini games built in to the tables and you could even play three balls at one time.

With four colourful tables to play it was and still is a fun high score attack game to play today.

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