16 bit wrestling games of the 90s

Power Slams and Pixelated Legends: Classic 16-Bit Wrestling Games From The 90s

3 Count Bout/Fire Suplex (1993)

Not one to miss out on all the wrestling action, SNK released 3 Count Bout or Fire Suplex as it was known in Japan on an impressive (for its time) 106 Megabit cartridge.

3 Count Bout was indistinguishable from its MVS arcade version with massive over the top characters, full on match intros with announcers, hardcore no rules street matches and some super slick moves for each character.

Fair warning its pretty hard in single player but fun in two players mode and it looks stunning.

Saturday Night Slam Masters (1994)

saturday night slam masters snes

A Capcom wrestling game released for the SNES and Genesis, it featured a blend of wrestling and arcade-style action with a roster of unique characters including Final Fight’s Mayor Haggar.

Saturday Night Slam Masters came out on a whopping 32 Megabit cartridge which showed off the games graphics, animation and presentation quite magnificently.

WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling (1994)

Developed by Beam Software for the SNES, this 16 Bit wrestling game focused on the WCW (World Championship Wrestling) promotion and allowed players to compete in various match types giving fans of WCW a chance to play as their favourite wrestlers including Ric Flair.

WCW Superbrawl Wrestling features tons of digitised speech throughout and each wrestlers signature finishing moves are included.

WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game (1995)

Released for multiple platforms at the time, including the SNES and Genesis, this game featured exaggerated, arcade-style gameplay with digitized graphics of WWF wrestlers.

Fire Pro Wrestling Series (Various)

Fire Pro Wrestling was originally released on 1989 on the PC Engine, it was later ported to the Super Famicom and Megadrive in Japan and included more releases in Japan including a Woman’s Fire Pro Wrestling instalment in the popular series.

The series is fondly looked upon for its grappling moves and realism which for the time was pretty realistic. It never officially made it over to the west unless you were an avid fan and happy to pay import prices for a copy.

Your Favourite 16-Bit Wrestling Games?

So there you have it, 10 classic wrestling games of the 90’s 16-Bit era for you to try out if wrestling is your thing! Vote below for your Favourite 16-Bit Console for Wrestling games and share your favourites with everyone!

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