Perfect 10 – The Best Chillout Tracks From The 90’s…EVER!


We all remember the scenario, you’ve just got in from a solid ten or twelve hours of clubbing but for some reason you and your mates just can’t sleep. You’ve all sat around the TV to play Tony Hawks or Goldeneye and you need something to listen to that won’t make you want to go out again.

Cue the chill out selection. Chill Out was massive in the nineties for whatever reasons you may care to imagine and these were some of the true anthems of the genre, which spanned Movie Soundtracks, Ambient Electronica and Trip Hop.

Retroheadz takes a look back at some of the best and most memorable chillout tracks from the 90’s along with some you may not have heard before but should hunt out (or keep coming back this page) if you love the chillout genre.

US3 – Cantaloop

A quality piece of chilled Acid Jazz penned by Jazz legend Herbie Hancock among others, ‘Cantaloop’ was a real phenomenon of the early nineties. Featuring in adverts, TV shows and on heavy rotation on the radio it summed up the summertime vibe of the time perfectly.

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