italodance 90s

ItaloDance – The 90’s Dance Genre That Deserves Your Attention

Italy was a hotbed of dance music production in the 90’s (and still is) and was the epicentre of the sub-genre of Eurodance called ItaloDance.

It also went under the moniker of ItaloZone and was massively popular across Europe and the north of England had many events dedicated to this style of music.

Italodance has a huge amount of energy and while some tracks had the rap segments that were synonymous with the more commercial Eurodance offerings at the time.

ItaloDance tracks in the main focused on the melody.

Occasionally the tracks had female vocals or samples that combined with the amazing melodies just want to make you get up and dance.

With this in mind, we look back at and select a few standout tracks that came out during the ’93 to ’96 peak years of this epic genre.

After this we’d totally recommend going on a Youtube journey and find out more about this amazing 90’s genre which after this might be your favourite new old dance genre to put a smile on your face.

Orion 8 – Beyond My Control

This track is epic, its fast and frantic and that main synth riff will hook anyone in.

Its got some great samples in it and tons of variety as well as that classic Euro bass line.

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