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10 Awesome Bouncy Techno Anthems You Need To Hear Again

Scott Brown – Do What Ya Like! (1995)

How big an anthem is ‘Do what Ya Like!’? Well how about 30,000 people big! What do we mean? This was the anthem for Rezerection a huge rave up in Scotland. This track is a work of art, beautiful uplifting high pitched lyrics, pianos, marching snares and a driving stab that get you moving and more importantly wishing you had access to a time machine to go back and hear it for the first time.

Your thoughts?

So there you have it 10 anthems to kick start your love for Bouncy Techno again. Which anthems have we missed and should the sound have a major revival? Do you have any memories you want to share with your fellow Retroheadz?

Let us know in the comments and you never your Anthems could also be in part 2!

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