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New Book All About Micro Machines Coming Out April 2020


Micro Machines the diminutive micro cars, boats, planes and play sets were the must have toys back in the late 80’s and early 90’s thanks to playground hype and movies like Home Alone catapulting the toys into super stardom.

They were everywhere and any kid back then had a pretty awesome collection of Micro Machines.

One thing we didn’t know much about was what went into them at the Galoob HQ from design to packaging and so much more.

Micro Machines Book

Luckily a new book is on the horizon that will showcase over 1000 Micro Machine vehicles and delves deeper into the childhood favourites that entertained a generation.

The new Micro Machines book is coming from UK based publishers Bitmap Books.

They usually do books on games consoles like the Master System as well as specific games like Metal Slug, however they are now moving into toys and what a way to start.


The book, titled ‘Micro but Many: An Unofficial Micro Machines Collection’ will features photos, stats and everything else that you’ve quite possibly ever wanted to know about Micro Machines

It looks set to be a huge drive down memory lane.

When Is The Book Out?

The Micro Machines book will start shipping pre-orders from the 27th April 2020 although due to the current pandemic it might take a little longer than usual to arrive as is to be expected.

If you want the book, they are currently offering 10% off and some extra goodies and you can pre-order the book now.

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