Greatest Toys of The 80’s – Micro Machines

Micro Machines in a Collection of Five!

micro machines cars
YouTube Screenshot

The standard vehicles came out in series such as the European Exotics, Muscle Cars, 50’s classics and so on and were always in packs of five and were from memory around a fiver a pack, although later they came in bigger packs.

They were packaged in a clear case so that you could see them all clearly with a large cardboard backing that showcased other packs to get or playsets.

They didn’t stop at cars though as there were planes and motorbikes as well that came out as well and because you got five in a pack you could build up a huge collection pretty-rapidly.

On top of the cars there were also lorry’s with trailers, helicopters and even presidential limousines (although some of these were in a pack of three)

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