Greatest Toys of The 80’s – Micro Machines

Micro Machines Legacy

Micro Machines were insanely popular and outsold all the other traditional die cast vehicle manufacturers for a while.

80’s kids went nuts for them and were a product of the time, it’s a huge shame they aren’t around anymore as we think a new generation of kids would probably go just as crazy for them as we did back in the day.

For now, they are a happy collection of memories for us and if you want to start collecting them again or buy the originals for your own kids to enjoy then places like eBay are a great place to start looking again and equally worth checking if you have any of the rare ones sitting in a loft somewhere as you might be sitting on a goldmine!

If you’re feeling really-nostalgic for them and want to remind yourself about these we totally recommend visiting the Micro Machines Museum, you might be there for a while!

Feeling Nostalgic?

Did you have a Micro Machine collection? Share your memories of these awesome toys in the comments below.

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