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14 Delicious Chocolate Bars That Should Make A Comeback

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Cadbury’s Snow Flake

Everyone loves a Flake and a lot of people love white chocolate, what happened when the two combined? The Snow Flake. We loved it despite it being more sickly than your average Christmas movie.

cadbury's snowflake chocolate

Cadbury’s Milk Tray Bar

This one registers high on the crazy scale. Featuring ALL of the chocolates from a Milk Tray selection stuffed into a single bar…. Surely that could never work, could it?

cadbury's milk tray bar

Rowntree’s Secret

The Secret was very much marketed towards women as a “lighter” alternative to usual chocolate bars. It had a fluffy centre that was sweet and like marshmallow. We couldn’t resist them when we saw them and it was a real surprise when it vanished.

rowntree's secret chocolate bar

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