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Tomytronic 3D: Was This the First VR Experience of the 80s?

In the 80s, a revolution quietly began in the realm of toys and entertainment. This was the era that witnessed the birth of a ground breaking series in electronic gaming: the Tomytronic games.

Launched in 1983 these handheld marvels came from the creative powerhouse that was Tomy, a Japanese toy manufacturer, set the stage for a whole new way of playing games.

Innovation in Design and Gameplay

These games had a unique binocular-style design, which offered players a 3D-like gaming experience long before 3D (and Virtual Reality) became a mainstream in video games. The design which was ergonomic and very futuristic in its look and feel was also light and easy to use and most importantly great fun to use and play.

Memorable Titles that Defined a Generation

The Tomytronic era was marked by some iconic titles that still evoke nostalgia in those who experienced them first hand.

Shark Attack was a thrilling underwater adventure that had players dodging and attacking fearsome sharks.

Sky Attack placed gamers in the cockpit, navigating intense air battles and of course, there’s Thundering Turbos was a fast-paced racing game that captured the exhilaration of high-speed chases. Each of these games was a window into a new world of interactive technology and portable entertainment, mirroring the era’s fascination with digital innovation.

There were more including two that only came out in Japan but these were the main ones kids played in the UK.

A Lasting Legacy in the World of Toys

Today, Tomytronic games are highly prized collectibles, representing a pivotal moment in the history of electronic toys and a precursor of Virtual Reality long before the phrase entered the public consciousness.

Tomytronic’s Place in History

The Tomytronic series is much more than a footnote in the history of electronic toys. It’s part of a wave of electronic toys that marked the beginning of a significant evolution in the industry. These games not only reshaped how leisure time was spent but also paved the way for future advancements in handheld gaming technology.

Perhaps now as we look back, we can appreciate the Tomytronic series not just for its innovation and entertainment value but also for its role in shaping the future of electronic gaming.

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