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13 Shops From The 80’s, 90’s And 00’s We’ll Never See Again in The UK



The place you got dragged around as a kid when you needed a new kitchen or bedroom setup. As kids we entertained ourselves by jumping on all the beds, pretended to be asleep and pretended to be cooking in the showroom kitchens.

Virgin Megastores


Everyone loved shopping at Virgin’s Megastores, computer games, videos, singles, albums, movie and pop star posters, comics and so much more. This was a mecca for any self-respecting and incredibly cool teenager in the 80’s and 90’s. This one is much missed by all of us at Retroheadz.



Our final one for this roundup and our most recent demise from the high street. BHS or British Home Stores was in the UK for over 80 years.

Whilst they lost their way in the last few years it’s still a sad sight to see an iconic store disappear from our shopping centres across the land. As kids, we were mesmerised by the home lighting section which was this huge beacon of light in the stores and going for lunch in the canteen style restaurant was epic.

What are your memories of these stores? Let us know in the comment below.

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