virgin megastores

13 Shops From The 80’s, 90’s And 00’s We’ll Never See Again in The UK



An electronics store that is probably where your parents got you your first computer from. This store sold most things as long as it was electronics.

Computers, midi Hi-Fi systems, microphones, disco lights and they even had their own line of mixers for budding djs’ as well as electrical parts.

Radio Rentals


In this age of easy consumer credit, this feels like something from the stone age and for anyone under the age of 25 this is going to seem archaic.

TV’s used to be really, really expensive so most people rented them from Radio Rentals. You had to go in each week to pay your bill (direct debit didn’t exist then).

The bigger and better the telly, the more you had to pay each week. They used to do the same with radios too hence the name.

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