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13 Shops From The 80s, 90s And 00s We’ll Never See Again in The UK

As kids, we remember going shopping on a Saturday with our parents and friends. We look back at the shops from the 80s and 90s and 00s that we all willingly shopped at, and in some cases were unwillingly dragged around by family members. Either way, they’re sadly no longer with us.



We miss Woolworths here at Retroheadz. What wasn’t to love about the place. They seemed to have everything. The one thing we miss the most was getting the latest singles on cassette and later, on CD and of course Pic & Mix. They also sold toys, stationary and things for the home so there was something for every member of the family. Woolies exit from high streets across the UK was a sad thing to see indeed.



The US convenience store was originally open from, you guessed it, 7am to 11pm.

7-11 was pretty big over in the UK in the 80’s, there was one main reason why it will be missed though and that is for Slurpees, the flavoured mushy ice drink which even now hasn’t been bettered by anyone since (not even Slush Puppies can compete with these in our opinion) and was always extremely satisfying overfilling the huge cups to get maximum Slurpee satisfaction out of the machine.

Slurpees were so thick that you could literally go a third higher than the cups and not lose any over the edges. Why they let us kids self-serve we’ll never know. They are still around across the world just not here anymore. We also miss Big Gulps too.

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