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Event Horizon Series Announced And It’s Coming To Amazon

The 90’s had some seriously cool Sci-Fi movies but there were only a handful of amazing Sci-Fi Horror movies and one of those that stood out was Event Horizon.

The 1997 movie starred Lawrence Fishburne who was the captain of a ship sent out to recover and find out what happened to the lost ship which was testing a new gravity drive.

Accompanying him and his crew was the inventor of the gravity drive (played by Sam Neill) who increasingly gets taking in by a force that seemed evil and other dimensional.

In the end you get to glimpse what happened in this hellraiser-esque dimension the Event Horizon travelled to and what happened to the previous crew with the inevitable and horrific end that awaits the salvage crew and made for one of the greatest sci-fi horror movies of the 90’s that was enjoyed by fans of both genres.

Event Horizon The Series

According to Variety, Amazon have teamed up with Paramount Television to start working on making a series based on the 1997 movie.

As to how much the Event Horizon series will differ from the inevitable ending of the movie we’ll have to wait and see.

However, with a series things can be added on or expanded and maybe, just maybe we could see a ship travelling to the nightmare dimension and going up against the forces of evil with the emphasis of coming back out of it or could the dimension spill out in to ours and a battle of good and evil has to be fought.

Either way its sounds awesome and to be fair to Amazon, whilst having less originals then Netflix always seem to be consistently good in their execution with recent series The Boys being just one example of the high-quality content that seems to be coming from Amazon of late.

When will the Event Horizon Series Be On Amazon?

We’ll take a guess and say if the Event Horizon series is being planned right now it could be with us in 2020, although your guess is as good as Retroheadz right now.

Either way bring it on, we can’t wait to see it.

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