classic UK TV Adverts Scotch tape

Classic UK TV Adverts That Will Bring Back Happy Memories

PG Tips

Who can forget the PG Tips advert with the PG chimps? The chimps were known as the Tipps family and where made to wear human clothes whilst lip synching to comedy actors voices.

classic tv adverts pg tips


One of Britains most loved and remembered adverts was the Oxo Gravy advert. The Oxo family featured in a seris of 42 advertisments until the campaign ended in 1999.

classic tv adverts oxo

Creature Comforts

Another favorite advert was the series of Creature Comfort adverts which advertised the Electricity Board. The series involved characters such as a tortoise, a cat, a family of penguins and a Brazilian parrot who were in their homes talking to an unseen interviewer behind a large microphone.

classic tv adverts creature comforts

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