Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

The Classic Dude Movies Every Fan Of The Genre Should Watch

 Bones Brigade III – The Search For Animal Chin

The Powell Peralta pro skateboard team, known as the Bones Brigade, were formed in 1979 from the best Californian skater-dudes on the circuit. The original line-up counted such luminaries as Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, and a certain young dude named Tony Hawk. They were the first pro skater team to reach the world, in actual fact kick-starting the English skate scene single-handed, and they were absolutely the raddest dudes I ever saw.

Of course, Tony Hawk went on to be universally known and loved, the first skating superstar if you will, but circa 1987 when Animal Chin came out, he was a well-kept secret that only those of us heavily invested in the skater philosophy knew about. The final scene when the Animal Chin ramp is found in the desert still ranks as some of the very finest examples of intricate and frankly jaw-droppingly awesome skating, and it was made thirty years ago! Watch from 7.40, that’s when it properly kicks in. Beautiful, life-affirming stuff.

The Big Lebowski.

This is it, the ultimate Dude movie. Starring Jeff Bridges as Jeffrey ‘The Dude’ Lebowski, it documents one dudes struggle against the vicissitudes of morally bankrupt society, and the triumph of ‘Dudeism’ over it. Embodying all aspects of the hippy, laid-back and eternally upbeat attitude to life that typifies the term ‘dude’, The Dude prevails.

This film is so compelling as a ‘how-to’ of the dude philosophy that an entire church has been founded predicated on the teachings of The Dude, The Church of the Latter Day Dude,
that alone must surely qualify this as the ultimate dude movie of all time. Well, that and the stellar support cast of utter freaks. A must see for all aspiring dudes of substance.

What’s your favourite moment from any of these movies? Let us know in the comments below and if we missed a good one, let us know!

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