Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

The Classic Dude Movies Every Fan Of The Genre Should Watch

John Dies At The End

This film is nothing short of monumental. It defies description on every single level, however, so for some kind of clarity; watch this:

I trust that this has answered conclusively all of your questions. One hundred per cent guaranteed to garner this response from anyone who sees it,
‘Duuuuude! What the hell did we just watch?’

Cheech And Chong’s Up In Smoke

As far as the ‘stoner-dude’ stereotype goes; these dudes are the instigators, the grandaddies and the ultimate iteration thereof. Riding the bow-wave of the 70’s and 80’s counter-culture revolution, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong are, in many ways, the templates for the uber-, or proto-dudes that we now take entirely for granted across most of mainstream culture.

They are also unfailingly hilarious, innovative and weird. They pushed back the boundaries of what it means to be a dude, and remain forever in the hearts of dudes everywhere.

Cheech and Chong up in smoke

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