Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

The Classic Dude Movies Every Fan Of The Genre Should Watch

The Blues Brothers

This film is probably the finest ensemble-comedy-moralistic-reversal-of-fortune flick ever made. It also features two dudes that are so laid back that they are actually prone most of the time, the quintessential ‘cool-dude’ persona, in fact. A perfect melding of the criminally talented John Belushi (rest his soul), Dan Ackroyd (his second appearance in this top ten, thus cementing his ‘dude’ status) and the Director/Animal Wrangler John Landis, the cameo list for this masterpiece reads like a who’s who of American comedians, actors and musicians of 70’s America.

On a personal note, it is also one of only two films that I can watch endlessly and still laugh hysterically at every single time (the other one is Groundhog Day). I must have seen it fifty times and I think it still holds the record for most police cars smashed up in one film. An absolute belter.



Jay and Silent Bob. Two leviathans of the slacker-dude generation. An inspiration to all aspiration-less waster types everywhere. In a sense they are gurus of the stoner-dude ethos, holding forth on every topic from their lofty moral perch outside the local corner shop. Their particular brand of fuzzy logic almost – but not quite- forms a subtle kind of
i-ching of dudeism.

The brainchild of Kevin Smith (who plays silent Bob!) this cult classic dude movie spawned no fewer than ten films featuring the downbeat duo, and even an animated tv series. Watching more than two of these movies in succession will create a raving craving for high-grade and beer.

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