ghostbusters 2020

The 2020 Movies That Will Make Nostalgia Fans Jump For Joy

He-Man Masters of The Universe

The iconic 80’s toy line and subsequent after school cartoon series that helped sell them in droves already has a live action movie.

The 1987 version starred Dolph Lunren as the muscle man who takes on Skeletor and now we have a new movie scheduled for late 2020.

And yes, it looks like there will be a new toy line to coincide with it too. so your inner child will probably add those your Christmas list because who wants socks when you can have He-Man toys!

Bad Boys For Life

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back for the third Bad Boys movie where they go up against a drug cartel in Miami.

Expect more stylish action and sun drenched scenes interspersed with attitude that this duo provides.

Bad Boys for Life is out on the 17th January 2020 in the UK.

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