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10 Awesome 1990 Movies That Everyone Wanted To Go Watch At The Cinema

1990 was a pretty cool year for movies and if you were a kid or teenager particularly so.

The first year of the final decade of the millennium saw a slew of awesome movies come out and everyone lapped them up and got caught up in the hype.

Some we had no chance of seeing and others were made just for us.

Here’s our, in no particular order roundup of the coolest movies to come out in 1990 that kids everywhere wanted to go and see even if they couldn’t.

Robocop 2

Peter Weller returns as Robocop to take down Cain, an insane drug lord who is turned into his successor by OCP.

This movie while not as popular as the 1987 original still had the over the top violence although it’s far more comic book than before and had tons of merch for kids to get which is bonkers considering it was an 18 certificate film.

This film was the talk of the playground that for sure.

Total Recall

Total Recall is an absolute classic movie.

Set in 2084, mankind has colonised Mars and Arnie as Douglas Quaid keeps getting inexplicably drawn to the Red Planet so he goes to ReKall to have a ‘Holiday of a lifetime’ installed in his brain only to find out that he’s actually a secret agent who’s been helping the resistance gain freedom.

What entails is one of the greatest action sci-fi movies ever made with great performances from Sharon Stone and Michael Ironside alongside Arnie.

Yes there was a remake a few years back (which isn’t too bad) but its this film that came out in 1990 that still reigns supreme.

Back To The Future Part 3

Four years feels like forever when you’re a kid and the wait for Back to the Future 2 took that long.

Luckily the final part came out one year after this and whilst its not the best one it still ranks as an awesome movie.

Set in Hill Valley in the late 1885, Marty and Doc need to get the Deloreon back to 1985.

The one snag is that petrol isn’t available so they concoct an elaborate plan to hijack a steam train and use it to propel the time machine to 88 MPH to get back to 1985.

On the way Marty meets his relatives and comes to blows with the Tannen’s once again and gets used to a Western styled life.

All in all it was a great movie and one that everyone had to go see.

Home Alone

Home Alone was a massive hit when it came out around Christmas 1990.

It was (and still is in our opinion) one of the best kids movies ever made as Kevin Mccalister gets accidentally left at home while the rest of the family head to Paris he has to thwart two dimwitted burglars with elaborate traps that are still hilariously painful to watch today although the only trap we could all easily set at home was a ton of Micro Machines on the floor.

Everything about Home Alone is perfect and progresses along nicely and it’s testament to its brilliance that kids today still love to watch it.


Taking is cue from classic B-Movies.

Tremors tells the story of a tiny town that gets terrorised by giant prehistoric worms that attack when they feel tremors in the ground.

Luckily Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are there to aid their fellow townsfolk in escaping and eventually defeating the giant worms in between some laugh out loud moments that makes this movie a timeless classic.

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