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11 Classic Chick Flicks For A Perfect Girls Night In

Mean Girls

An obvious choice for any girl’s night in… Mean Girls is the rise of the new girl into the plastics. Cady and her two new friends originally went to try to ruin Regina George’s life, but Cady takes a turn when she starts to enjoy being the popular girl, loved by everyone. Nothing stays perfect forever and later on Cady gets what’s coming for her and is revenged by Regina. There’s always a happy ending though, as she becomes a ‘normal’ human being and settles into school with good friends, the boy she wanted and that maths-genius brain of hers. There are still many quotes from the film that girls use now and they never, ever get old.

chick flicks mean girls

Legally Blonde

Some girls would do anything to get the man that they want. They’ll change their hair, their clothes, how they act or what they do. Or, they go to Harvard Law School to prove that they’re smart, right? Well, that’s what Elle does in Legally Blonde. This film is great for proving that you can achieve what you want without having to be influenced by a man. It’s the uprising of a woman who found what she’s meant to do with her life through finding out that the man she loved was actually a ‘bone head’.

chick flicks legally blonde

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