chick flicks hot chick

11 Classic Chick Flicks For A Perfect Girls Night In

Pretty Woman

Love can be found in all different places. One prostitute and one rich businessman fall in love – who knew it could be real? This movie proves that real love does exist, and sometimes you find it in the most unlikely places. I know, cheesy, right? It’s one of those classic films that you can easily re-watch and not get bored. From rags to riches, mini-skirts to elegant red dresses, Vivian will show you what it’s like living in two social states.

chick flicks pretty woman

Hot Chick

A classic comedy movie where a young woman and a man switch bodies unintentionally. The main focus is on Jessica, who has to live in a mans body until she finds her way back to her own, and tries to live as normal life as she can. If you’re in a bad mood, this will cheer you up. Rob Schneider does a brilliant job at making you smile because of how convincing he is – he acts like a woman even though he is not one. It’s a story of transformation, appreciating your own life and love.

chick flicks hot chick

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