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11 Classic Chick Flicks For A Perfect Girls Night In

Sometimes all you need is a movie night in with your closest friends and it’s the movies that keep you reminiscing and laughing all night. So here’s 11 classic chick flicks that are perfect for such an occasion, add wine and a take out and you’re good to go!

13 Going On 30

If you’ve ever felt sick of being a teenager and just want it to be the future where your life is supposed to be complete, Jenna knows just how you feel. This movie is about a girl who craves popularity and dreams of being ‘thirty and flirty and thriving’. The morning after her 13th birthday party, her wish came true and she wakes up with a naked man in her shower and a life that she doesn’t know. It’s the perfect movie of realization – that moment when you notice that things aren’t how they planned and you want to go back and change it.

chick flicks 13 going on 30

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

The life every girl dreams of when she’s a teenager – wanting to be whisked away by a pop star in a beautiful city, living a life that is usually far out of reach. Any girl who watched Lizzie McGuire on the TV would have jumped at the chance to watch the movie and see Lizzie experience a new world. It’s a great movie for a night of nostalgia, seeing how our favourite quirky Lizzie proves the popular girl wrong and goes for a singing adventure. Oh, and you get to see her with brown hair.

chick flicks lizzie mcguire

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