from ants to zombies from bitmap books is a new book about video game horror over six decades

From Ants to Zombies: Six Decades of Video Game Horror Book Launches

Video games has thrilled us for years with its dynamic narrative, mesmerizing graphics, and heart-pounding moments. But there’s a particular subgenre that has consistently sent shivers down our spines: horror.

From Ants to Zombies: Six Decades of Video Game Horror

Bitmap Books have announce what looks like the definitive chronicle of this bone-chilling genre, titled “From Ants to Zombies: Six Decades of Video Game Horror,” The hardback book which also comes with awesome glow in the dark text on the cover and a blood red bookmark ribbon is now available and costs £32.49 in the UK and also comes with a PDF version of the book.

Spanning 600+ pages, this magnum opus comes in at a hefty 2.5kg meticulously details over130 horror video game releases across an incredible six-decade journey. The visual treat you’ll experience within this book is unparalleled, with each page adorned with captivating illustrations, taking readers on a nostalgic trip from the rudimentary graphics of the 1970s to the hyper-realistic visuals of today’s gaming era.

From 7th Guest To Silent Hill And More

While From Ants to Zombies encompasses a vast array of horror games, certain titles stand out for their iconic status and the indelible mark they’ve left on the industry. Delve deeper into the eerie corridors of “The 7th Guest,” a game that revolutionized full-motion video and CD-ROM technology in the early ’90s. Relive the chilling atmosphere and ground-breaking AI mechanics of “System Shock 2,” Ken Levine’s masterpiece that set a new benchmark for sci-fi horror.

No video game horror compilation would be complete without mentioning the legendary Resident Evil series, which not only defined the survival horror genre but has also spawned countless sequels, movies, and merch.

Another gem, It Came from the Desert, offered gamers a unique blend of B-movie horror and action, transporting players to a world overrun by gigantic mutated ants, an experience that’s equal parts terrifying and enthralling.

And then there’s “Silent Hill.” This title stands as a testament to psychological horror, where the fear isn’t just about monstrous creatures but also the inner demons of the protagonists and the limitations of the PlayStation at the time were used to great effect with its fog-drenched atmosphere.

Behind The Scenes

However, what truly sets “From Ants to Zombies” apart is the invaluable commentary sprinkled throughout its pages. Hear directly from the maestros of horror gaming: Keiichiro Toyama, the visionary behind “Silent Hill”; Jane Jensen, who brought the eerie world of “The 7th Guest” to life; and Paul Norman, the creator of “It Came from the Desert.”

Their insights, along with those from other industry veterans like Graeme Devine and many more, provide a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of these nightmarish worlds.

Unlike most retro books, From Ants to Zombies: Six Decades of Video Game Horror is more than just a compilation of the games that made the genre; it’s a deep dive into the evolution of horror in the gaming industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer, a horror aficionado, or someone with a keen interest in the history of video games, this video game horror book promises to be a treasured addition to your collection.

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