Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – PlayStation 2 Review


In 2003 Ubisoft released ‘Prince of Persia: The sands of Time’ on the PlayStation 2 as a much-improved sequel to the original and has been referred as “How to make a sequel” by flawlessly converting its mechanics into a 3D world that captures the player’s interest and wonderment.

It uses environmental bases puzzles to challenge the gamer, who needs to use the wonderful, smooth and intuitive movement system to progress through the levels. The puzzles can get quite challenging, but they can always be logically worked out and very satisfying to complete.
As well as puzzles the Prince does dabble in a bit of combat. The fighting, while still engrossing, does not always reflect the same level of detail and perfection as the other aspects of the game.

You can often find yourself pulling the same finishing move for every single enemy, becoming a little stale. But you soon forget about that when you’re faced with your next freerunning/puzzle.

The Prince also has a female companion that accompanies him throughout. She’s admired as she is one of the few NPC companions who don’t get in the way and infuriatingly die repeatedly, causing the player to have to babysit them, ensuring they don’t perish.

The Graphics even to this day relatively hold their own, the design and the detail of each room and environment you journey through is overwhelming.

The reflections, light beams, and water effects are just little things that draw you in and immerse you into the variety this game provides. Once you get used to how the camera system works and moves, you’ll be wall-running all over this stunning game.

The Sound in this already great game does a good job at fitting the Middle Eastern setting with the dialogue feeling well performed and clever. It has a certain charm, even breaking the 4th wall occasionally.

If you played this sequel, then you should definitely give Prince of Persia another playthrough, because it deserves it! Even if you never played this title, you can pick it up for relatively cheap!

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