game boy box art book

Game Boy Box Art Book Coming Out

A new Game Boy box art book is on its way and looks to be a nostalgia fest for any Game Boy owner from back in the day.

The Beautiful World Of Game Boy Box Art

The upcoming Game Boy book from the classic gaming book specialists Bitmap Books comes packed with the amazing Japanese, European and US Game Boy box art that drew many gamers to the iconic handheld console which first appeared way back in 1989.

The book which is officially called ‘Game Boy: The Box Art Collection’ has 372 pages and features the box art, screenshots and overview of 350 games for Nintendo’s Game Boy.

Editions And Extras

There are three editions of the book coming out with pricing starting from £29.99 up to £64.99 for the Gold version and in the middle is the Silver version at £49.99.

Gold and Silver are limited editions with 1,500 copies only for the Silver version and 500 copies for the gold edition.

The limited editions come with a host of extras which should scratch any nostalgia induced itches that you might be having over this including exclusive covers created by none other than Wil Overton who used to do all the covers for the much loved Super Play magazine back in the 90’s.

Want To See More Game Boy Box Art Goodness?

To help visualise the upcoming book and give retrogamers a sneak peak they’ve only gone and made a launch trailer for it.

We’d recommend watching it right now for some real nostalgia feels.

When’s It Out?

Hopefully before Christmas 2020.

For now you can pre-order the book from the 28th September 2020 so start dropping hints to friends, family or your significant other.

If you do get it then your coffee table or bookshelf will look a whole lot cooler!

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