weird games you can play today

10 Insanely Weird Games You Can Play Right Now

Water Womb World (2020)

Ever wanted to delve into the abstract mind of a deranged scientist?

This game is quite literally a deep dive into the idea that the truth of mankind’s roots lay not in conventional explanations such as the divine or Darwinism, but rather an abstract take where the progenitor of mankind is an unorthodox and malicious cosmic entity residing under the waves and human ancestry lies in a semi-aquatic, alien-like common ancestor.

It is a surreal expedition to find the place in which mankind is believed to be created, “Gaspar’s zone” by collecting samples of fish and sifting through silt, it’s a bizarre and extraordinary experience.

Discover My Body (2020)

Discover my body is an extremely eerie and disturbing horror game about the evolution of consciousness beyond the deterioration of the human body.

A surgical microchip designed to block evolutionary safeguards is paired with an injection of a psychic fungal substance, for the purposes of symbiosis and redesigning the process in which concepts are formed in the mind, resulting in the gradual transition and evolution of a human.

The game has you watching the physical deterioration and psychic transformation of a man into a fungal entity connected to a shared consciousness, it is profound and weird enough that it earned a spot on this list, oh and it’s also made by the same creator as Water Womb World.

Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 (2020)

If you’re looking for something on the surreal side of things, Tales From Off-Peak City is a remarkable little gem that sets you out on a quest to uncover an old saxophone only to unfold the bizarre secrets of an entire neighbourhood, as you become embroiled in the private affairs of it’s residents.

It’s definitely an esoteric experience, but its got a swinging arrangement of jazz and an excellent atmosphere to pull you into the strange world.

There’s also two other games by the same creator, “Off-Peak” and “Norwood Suite”, which are just as bizarre and enthralling.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe (2022)

On the lighter and more comical side of this list, we have the final addition.

The Stanley Parable, Ultra Deluxe edition, a remaster of the acclaimed title from 2013 filled with extra content, which sees the player navigate a time loop in which the protagonist Stanley is influenced by a charming narrator.

All of Stanley’s colleagues have disappeared and what awaits is a highly entertaining and completely bonkers experience, that is also a highly insightful and profound experience about freedom and illusion of choice, offering remarkable commentary.

This is a must play experience and is available on most modern platforms.

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