weird games you can play today

10 Insanely Weird Games You Can Play Right Now

Juice Galaxy (2023)

Is there any honour greater than lifelong servitude to the juice queen?

Where to even begin with this weird game. You’re in a world where everything is juice, and you can create your own floppy juice glob of a character with lots of different textures ranging from pizza to plywood.

After escaping an authoritarian propaganda lesson from a juice snake called Mr Slithers, and emancipating yourself by escaping through a wall with some lips, you’re free to roam around the trippy open world and from there, it just gets weirder and weirder.

If you fancy delving down a psychedelic rabbit hole then this bonkers game one is free to play on Steam.

Harvester (1996)


Disturbing, revolting, violent, unhinged, extremely bizarre and most certainly not safe for work!

Harvester is a world of child abduction, cannibalism, murder, terrible sound design and horrible resolution among all other depraved manners of things from the purgatory of mankind, yet in the microcosm of this crass and deranged experience is the making of an obscure cult classic.

Harvester is a weird game that is going out of its way to be as shocking to the player as possible and the result is an extremely ridiculous and surreal retro point and click adventure game that’s so messed up, it needed a spot on this list.

Incredible Crisis (2000)

Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, in the weirdest way possible, especially on grandma’s birthday, and nobody wants to be late home for this one.

With a complimentary modern suite from the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, this 2001 game has you playing through challenging WarioWare-like minigames to get a family back home in time to avoid the wrath of dear grandma; the entire family are however to no surprise are placed in a series of utterly ridiculous and unfortunate events.

This is an absurd and niche little gem, that’s worth adding to your collection, although you may need an emulator to play this one.

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