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The Awesome Cartoons Everyone Watched in The 80’s

The 80’s were a great year for kids cartoons. When we all used to race home from school, kick off our shoes and sit in front of the TV, normally before doing our homework and watch our favourite program.

As a child of the 80’s, looking back over the cartoons that where watched whilst growing up has not only brought back some brilliant memories, it has filled my head with all the  catchy theme tunes from each program (The Raccoons theme tune is still a favourite).

So sit back and reminisce as it’s time to relive your childhood with the awesome cartoons we all watched in the 80’s.

Willo The Wisp


Narrated by the late Kenneth Williams, Willo the Wisp is a spirit who tells us what’s been going on down at Doyley Wood. Doyley Wood is where friends Mavis Cruet, Arthur, The Moog, The Beast, Carwash and Evil Edna live.

We have vague recollections that this was always on just before the news.



Super Ted was not your normal teddy bear, after being given some cosmic dust from Spotty Man and being brought to life, Mother Nature gave him superpowers to help him fight evil in the guise of Texas Pete.

The Raccoons


With one of the best cartoon theme tunes ever, The Raccoons was about a family of raccoons who lived in the Evergreen Forest which is threatened by the greedy Cyril Sneer and the adventures they had.

Danger Mouse


Danger Mouse is the greatest secret agent in the world.

With his trusty sidekick Penfold, they must follow Colonel K’s orders and save the world.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold

mysterious cities of gold 80s cartoon

The mysterious Cities of Gold was a fantastic cartoon that followed the adventures of a Spanish boy called Estaban who goes on a voyage to the new world to find the elusive city of Gold with his Father in the 1500’s.

This was so popular that if you sent off for the song sheet you could sing along with it with Phillip Schofield in the Children’s BBC Broom Cupboard.

If you can’t remember, watch this nostalgia inducing clip before carrying on!

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