The Cool Toys All Girls Had Back in The 90’s

The 90’s had so many great toys that girls everywhere went mad for and had to have. Retroheadz looks back at some of the favourites that we all had back then. Here’s 10 toys that all 90’s girl miss.

Baby Born


The doll that ate food and dumped everything out its backside after. We bet it was our parents dream to have another one of these in the house.

Koosh ball


Everyone wanted one and everyone had one, that’s how we remember it anyway.



We all remember looking after (and most probably killing) our cyber-pets, it was fun whilst it lasted. We wrote about the ups and (mostly) downs of having one here.

Polly Pocket


Nothing was cooler than a doll and her whole house that fitted perfectly in your pocket. You can read about how cool these were here.

Magic Mitt


You could catch anything with these, whether you were looking or not. A catch from behind? Pips squeak.



There was something oddly satisfying about fitting all the shapes into the correct holes before they all blew into the air and all over the lounge. You’d most probably find the pieces’ years later when you heard your parents screaming from standing on one.



Cute or a total horror story? I’ll leave that down to you to decide.




Totally futuristic and a lot easier to look after than a Tamagotchi.

Doodle Bears


A toy that you were allowed to draw all over. Unlike all the other Barbies who looked like they had a really dodgy makeover.

Betty Spaghetty


Betty was a total hybrid doll, think of a cross between Scoubidou strings and a Polly Pocket.

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