Craving 80’s Nostalgia? These Modern Made TV Shows Will Take You Back

These will keep you busy for a while!

the goldbergs

The 80’s for many was an awesome decade. It had the cool cars, the rock and movie stars and was a huge decade for technology that everyone got to enjoy. On the flip-side it also had its moments with the cold war at its peak in the mid 80’s we all could have been snuffed out in a heartbeat.

But hey, we’re still here right (phew!) so we can now look back warmly on this iconic decade with a nostalgic warmth and if you weren’t around then here’s some modern made series you should really sit down and watch as they capture this awesome decade perfectly in their own way from comedies to thrillers here’s the Retroheadz run down of the series to watch right now if you need some new yet familiar 80’s nostalgia!

6Halt and Catch Fire

There’s three seasons so far of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire and whilst the sound of computer start-ups might not be to everyone’s tastes, there’s plenty of drama away from this as it deals with the human element as well during this constantly changing technology landscape that the main characters are exposed to during the 80’s. Its utterly compelling drama with a technology twist. The series takes us on journey from 1983 to 1990 so far and is compelling to watch.

You can watch all three series of Halt and Catch Fire right now on Amazon Prime.

5Red Oaks

Red Oaks is a slice of 80’s Americana we’d all had loved to experience. Set mostly in a plush country club the show mainly follows assistant tennis coach as he slowly falls in love with the rich club presidents daughter. Red Oaks is a lot like the best high school movies from the decade. It will have you laughing out loud.

It an Amazon Prime exclusive in the UK so that’s where there are three seasons to watch.

4Deutschland ‘83

You don’t hear of many series to come out of Germany but this is definitely a stylish cold war espionage action thriller that will keep you hooked until the very end. Naturally its subtitled but don’t let that put you off.  Set in 1983 in the lead up to the Able Archer NATO exercises. The main character is a reluctant East German border guard who has to go over the wall and join the West German army and find out what is going on.

Naturally, It all comes to a head and you’ll be on the edge of your seat. It also has a fantastic 80’s soundtrack and yes that does include Nena’s 99 Red Ballons!

Deutschland ‘83 was available on 4oD in the UK so check there first and also a sequel Deutschland ’86 is in the works!

3Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes was the follow on series to the BBC’s hit Life on Mars series. There’s three series set between 1981 and 1983 in this crime series. The star of the show is the gorgeous and very red Audi Quattro that is used in many a car chase and many of the main news stories from the day in the UK are covered like the Royal Wedding in 1981 and the Falklands War in 1982.

Its currently not available to stream so if you want to watch you’ll have to get it on DVD or hope they repeat it on TV.

2Stranger Things

Ok, where have you been if you haven’t heard of Stranger Things?!? Set in 1983, the eight episode first season is a gloriously accurate depiction of an 80’s small town American nightmare. It looks straight out of the 80’s with its chilling synthwave music and a thoroughly gripping storyline throughout. Part sci-fi, part horror and part Goonies it’s a must watch for anyone wanting a series that makes you feel like it’s the 80’s all over again. On top of that season 2 (set in 1984) is great but not as good as season one in our opinion. Hopefully season 3 of Stranger Things will make up for it.

Naturally as these are Netflix Original’s you can watch it on erm, Netflix!

1The Goldbergs

What can we say about the Goldbergs apart from it quite possibly the funniest TV show set in the 80’s to grace our screens…ever! The sheer amount of nostalgia present in this series is unbelievable from movie references like The Lost Boys, Robocop, The Goonies and Back to the Future to all the cool toys and games we played. Special mention has to go to older brother Barrie who is absolutely hilarious throughout.

If you’re looking for warm and funny nostalgia from the 80’s then currently there isn’t anything else out there that comes close and there are so many easter eggs hidden in each episode that you’ll enjoy finding these as much as watching the show.

Occasional episodes are available on E4 in the UK on a Sunday but if you can buy the boxset as you won’t regret it.

This article was updated on 09/05/18

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