The Awesome Saturday Night TV of the 80s & 90s

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You Bet!

Originally presented by Bruce Forsyth until Matthew Kelly took over in 1991, You Bet! saw a panel of celebrities bet on members of the public to complete their challenges, if the challenges were not completed then the celebrities would have to take their place.



For the female viewers Ace was the favourite and for the males you had Jet in the hit nineties Saturday night TV program Gladiators. We were all glued to our screens watching contestants battle it out with the big  muscled stars of the show, and see who would be the first to run up the travelator to win the competition.


Stars in their Eyes

Long before the X Factor, if you thought that you could sing this was the show to go on. Not only could you sing your heart by impersonating your favourite pop star, out you would also be made up to look like the singer.



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