Forgotten Classics That we Used to Watch – The Dreamstone

Many television shows from our past are sadly lost in the back of our memories, often never to resurface again. We will look at some of those shows we loved that many have completely forgotten and here’s a blast from the past that you probably watched (and loved) that may have slipped your mind, the cartoon series in question is The Dreamstone.

The Dreamstone first aired in 1990 and ran for four seasons on CITV in the UK, coming to an end in 1995.

The show was set in a magical world called the Land of Dreams, which was in a constant war between a magician called The Dream Maker and Zordak, a huge monster that ruled the land of nightmares.

Zordak, being the villain, wanted to capture the Dreamstone, allowing him to control the dreams of all children. He also wanted to destroy the land of dreams and enslave the Noops and Wuts that inhabited it, ringing any bells yet? No?

Well why not watch the intro below, surely that will help.

The Noops and Wuts were generally green furry creatures that flew around on leaves trying to protect the land of dreams from Zordak’s forces.

The hero of the show was a young Noop named Rufus who often came across as a day dreamer and struggled to hold down a regular job, much to the annoyance of other Noops. He often flew around in bubbles to get long distances. Together with his best friend Amberly, The Dream Maker, Albert the flying Dogfish and Pildit who was leader of the Wuts he would go on adventures into the land of nightmares and beyond in order to save the day, often by mistake.

Something that set the show apart was the Evil Zordak, a genuinely scary villain to a young child at the time, who would concoct genuinely nasty ways to torture and abuse the citizens of the land of dreams along with his own armies. It was this darkness, often set off by the bumbling comedy of his useless army.

The Army was made up of a race of goblin like creatures called Urpneys and was led by a mad scientist called Urpgor who would fall in love with his inventions. Alongside Urpgor there was the proud but dim Sergeant Blob, the cowardly Corporal Frizz and the equally useless Corporal Nug. The Urpneys would often give up on their missions to capture the Dreamstone, deeming Zordak to be too evil or Urpgor too mad.

The series appears to be lost to the annals of time with no complete DVD releases and almost no online presence what so ever, bar some low quality episodes on YouTube, which is a real shame is it was a well written and engaging show which, unlike many other shows, followed a continuing storyline and didn’t talk down to its audience.

We would love to see a complete BluRay Box set of this series but it seems unlikely any time soon.

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