wonder woman 1984
YouTube Screenshot\Warner Brothers

Wonder Woman 1984 Gets Nostalgic New Trailer

A shiny new trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 has just come out and it looks pretty awesome.

Back To ’84

The trailer shows the world of 1984 in all it’s nostalgic glory, from shopping malls to streets filled with cars from the time as well as fashions and if anything will be a nostalgia fest for Retroheadz everywhere.

You almost expect the A-Team to drive round the corner in some of the scenes.

Blue Monday

The whole trailer is set to New Order’s Blue Monday and shifts from the club version to a full on orchestral version that goes so well and is worth watching the trailer for on its own.

Want to see the trailer in all it’s 80’s retro glory? Check it out below.

When is Wonder Woman 1984 Out?

The DC Universe movie is out in cinemas on June 5th 2020.

The question remains will you be going to see it as 2020 seems to the year of nostalgia in cinema so has lots of competition to contend with?

Let everyone know what you think of the trailer and your hopes for movie in the comments below.

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