space camp

Space Camp Is Getting A Reboot Movie On Disney+

Space Camp was a 1986 coming of age Sci-Fi movie about a bunch of kids at, you guessed it, Space Camp where they got to try out all the cool NASA related toys and tech.

The kids get a chance to sit in the space shuttle when it was scheduled for an engine test.

However the test didn’t got to plan and they accidentally got launched into space and that’s where the adventure really began as they used their Space Camp training to find air to breath and get safely back to Earth again.

If you’re struggling to remember it then here’s the original trailer to clear away the fogs of time.

It was a fun movie to watch back then and guess what? Disney are remaking it for a new generation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the movie will be written by SNL writers Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell who are also penning the reboots of Inspector Gadget and Home Alone.

As to when the movie will be out is anyone’s guess as it sounds like its in the early stages but if you (or your kids) like space and enjoyed the original then this could be one to look out for in 2021 or 2022.

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