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Kaboom! The Rambo 5 Trailer is Here And It Looks Epic

Sylvester Stallone returns as Rambo for his fifth ultra-violent movie and it looks like trouble has found him again.

Here’s the trailer. It’s a bit epic!

What’s Rambo 5 about?

Well, by the looks of things John Rambo has finally managed to peacefully retire and has a solitary life on a farm where he potters about and lives with his haunting memories of his escapades from the previous movies.

That is until the one man army gets asked to rescue a friends daughter from a Mexican Cartel where he gets into a brutal ruckus with them which as any fan knows is a bit of an erroneous thing to do.

By the looks of the trailer there should be an insane body count again as well as more explosions than a fireworks display on Bonfire Night and because of this we shall give this an oldskool action movie hurrah in advance!

When is Rambo 5 out?

Rambo 5 is out in the UK on the 20th September in the UK so you have plenty of time to watch the other four Rambo movies to get you hyped for it.

80’s Action Movie Revival

With Rambo looking good and Arnie and Linda Hamilton back in Terminator Dark Fate it looks like any self-respecting 80’s action movie fan is in for a treat in 2019 and we say bring it on!

What’s your favourite Rambo movie? Let us now in the comments below.

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