free guy movie ryan reynolds and jodie comer

Free Guy – Ryan Reynolds To Play An NPC In New Video Game Movie

Free Guy is a new action comedy movie starring Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) as Guy, an NPC (Non Playable Character) bank clerk in an anarchic and violent GTA open world styled game.

One day throughout the chaos he wonders if this is all there is in life and makes a stand during a bank heist and accidentally kills a player and puts on his glasses to find a completely different world has been all around him.

The Movie is also stars Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) as Molotov Girl.

She aids Guy though the film after she tells him he’s in a video game as the world around him is full of carnage, chaos and bad guys everywhere.

He then decides to become the good guy and gets into lots of funny action based trouble.

Here’s the trailer.

As you can see it has loads of nods to games including, Tomb Raider, Red Dead Redemption, GTA, Fortnite and we don’t doubt many more current open world games.

When is Free Guy Out?

Free Guy is out on July 3rd 2020 in Cinemas in the UK and US.

What do you think of the movie so far from the trailer?

Will you be going to see it when it comes out? Let us know in the comments below.

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