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FilmAhoy September UK Releases Announced Includes More Classic Movies

Film Ahoy, the recently launched free to watch UK based Independent Film streaming service has announced a load of new titles for film fans to watch.

The latest tranche of titles are a mix between Sci-Fi, Drama, Animation, Action and classics movies and gives everyone to watch the movies for free with ad breaks or are £1 to watch without.

This bring the amount of movies on the recently launched platform to over 200 now and we’ve been informed by Filmahoy that more will be coming soon.

For now here’s what’s new on Film Ahoy in the UK.

September 2019 New Releases on FilmAhoy

Fist Of Unicorn (1972) – Action, Thriller
Starring Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Unicorn Chan, Whang In Sik, Alan Hsu, Kurata, Meng Hoi, Mars, Kitty Meng, Paul Wei, Kam Dai

Cain Hill (2017) – Horror, Thriller
Starring Hannah Jacobs, Edward Elgood, Tony Cook, Jason York

Witness In The Warzone (1986) – Action / Drama
Starring Christopher Walken, Hywel Bennett, Marita Marschall

Hold My Hand I’m Dying (1988) – Drama
Starring Oliver Reed, Patrick Shai, Edita Brychta, Christopher Cazenove, Henry Cele

Resort Paraiso (2018) – Thriller
Starring Héctor Medina, Virginia DeMorata, Rafa Castillo, Habacuc  Rodríguez, Roberto Butrague ño, Manuel Valenzuela, Paco Lomeña

A Child’s Voice (2018) – Thriller / Supernatural thriller
Starring Joey Burke, Angela Mavropoulos, Joseph Lopez, Jalen Vasquez

One Hour Fantasy Girl (2009) – Drama
Starring Kelly-Ann Tursi,  Jon Morgan Woodward, Joseph Luckay

Memories of A Lost Love (2011) – Drama
Starring Alisha Seaton, Timothy Paul Driscoll

A Nice Quiet Life (2018) – Drama / LGBT
Starring Jordan Becker, Jeremy Taylor Clift

Mark’s Secret to Eternal Life (2013) – Sci-Fi
Starring Phillip Gay, Marc Maynon

Lovesick Fool In The Age of Like (2014) – Animation
Starring Dominic Polcino, Lisa Kudrow, Jeneane Garofalo

New York Street Soccer (2013) – Documentary
Starring Daniel Hedges, David Murphy

Senn (2014) – Sci-Fi
Starring Zach Eulberg, Lauren Taylor

Fighting Fish (2009) – Drama 
Starring Val Emmich, Anna Moore

#She (2018) – Sci-Fi
Starring Najarra Townsend, Elizabeth Debicki, David James

Young Hearts Run Free (2011) – Coming of age Drama
Starring Andy Black, Jennifer Bryden, Lyndsey Lennon

Time Jumpers (2018) – Sci-Fi
Starring Mathilde Norholt, Petra Staduan, Taylor Gerald Hart

There you have it, that’s quite a mix of movies to watch and if more are added for September we will add to this article.

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