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Film Ahoy Streaming Service For Independent Movies Launches in UK

If, like us, you love your independent cinema but are often left annoyed that you only get to see them on their first cinema run or a hard to find DVD then fret no more.

Film Ahoy is a brand new streaming service that specialises in new and classic Independent cinema.

Star Power

Whilst Hollywood has its fair share of streaming power it’s about time that these films can finally take their place in the limelight.

Many of the movies that Film Ahoy has on their release roster have some serious quality.

You will find films starring the likes of Christopher Walken, Bruce Lee, Oliver Reed, Kirstie Allie, Danny Dyer, Luke Goss and many more besides.

A Price To Pay?

Something that sets this site apart from other streaming services is that it’s free if you want it to be.

You have a couple of options when signing up, you can watch the movies for free but they will have adverts every 20 minutes.

Alternatively you can pay £1 to watch without ads. It’s that simple. There’s no subscription and no tie ins, just watch with Ads or pay less than a bottle of cola to watch without. Simple!

The good news about either option is that any revenue made is split with the film makers which will help fund future productions.

Wu Tang Collection on Film Ahoy

Amongst the many films you will find on Film Ahoy there is a very large amount of classic Kung Fun movies including The Wu Tang Collection and its star piece Super Dragon starring Bruce Lee.

Now if you love old Kung Fu movies, and why wouldn’t you? Then this is a genuine paradise.

You have genuine classics such as The 7 Grandmasters and 7 Commandments of Kung-Fu which will soon be joined by another 50 Kung-Fu classics over the coming months.

There is even a section for Mongolian films and those that know their world cinema will be very excited by this.

Not because it’s obscure but because the Mongolian film scene is held in high regard for its fantastic storytelling and surprising quality.

Inside Knowledge

What’s refreshing about this new service is that its been set up and will be run by Independent UK film producer Dean Fisher (The Bromley Boys) who simply wanted to help out his fellow Indie crowd.

When coming up with the concept he felt it was a shame that these films aren’t given a platform to shine so he set about making a change.


The Low price for streaming should be enough to entice most people to watch and he makes the point, why stream something illegally when it’ll only cost you £1 to watch? A point well made.

Onwards and Upwards

Film Ahoy hope that this service can generate some much needed cash and interest to the struggling Independent scene whilst raising the profile of projects that many wouldn’t ever get the chance to see.

They are working with film makers all over the globe to give them a central hub to promote their work which is a really innovative approach that will make the content even more diverse.

We often don’t get to see many of the films that are hyped at the likes of Cannes or SXSW so this is certainly an exciting prospect.

With over 300 new titles coming to the service in the coming months we certainly feel as though this is a site to keep an eye on, especially if you enjoy good cinema.

Film Ahoy is live now so get on there and start discovering a whole world of Independent cinema and you can watch on mobile, PC or if you have a Smart TV you can access it through the browser for now and save it to your home screen for easy access. Dedicated Apps will follow later on.

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