stiflers mom

Why Amercian Pie will always be a classic comedy to watch

Embarassing advice from Mr Levenstein

American Pie - Jims Dad

We love Mr Levenstein, Jim’s dad is hilarious. From cringe-worthy conversations with his son about the birds and the bees and ‘stroking the salami’.

Even with his dodgy dad dancing we think that Mr Levenstein is cool!

Stiflers funky drink

American Pie stiflers drink

So Stiffler is the guy that hosts the best party’s and also the joker of the school (remember Finch’s toilet scene?) At his first party in the film the Stifmiester, thinks that his luck is in and he manages to get a girl into his bedroom for hopefully some action.

Although it all fails while trying to sweet talking the lucky lady, he picks up the wrong drink (it happens to be the contents of Kevin’s rendezvous with Vicky) and after having a swig of the certain bodily functions he rightly throws up and doesn’t feel like partying any more… We can’t say we blame you Stifmiester!!

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