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Why Amercian Pie will always be a classic comedy to watch

Oz the jock joins the choir

American Pie - Oz Choir

What better way to bag yourself a girlfriend than to join the school choir.  According to Oz his reason for joining the choir is, that all the choir girls won’t of heard about his reputation as a jerk jock, and its a great opportunity to show his sensitive side.

He actually proves all his friends wrong when he does actually meet his girlfriend and prom date Heather there.

The web cam scene

This is undoubtedly our favorite and funniest scene in the film, it looks like Jim’s luck is in when exchange student Nadia asks him for some extra help with her school work and invites herself to his house for some extra tuition, she will come straight after cheerleading practice and change in his room.

So finally Jim is going to get a girl other that his mum in his bedroom, this calls for some secret web cam set up so that he and his friends can secretly watch ‘Hot Chick’ Nadia undress… But wait why are you sitting with your friends Jim when there is a hot girl keeping herself happy on your bed, why not go back and give her a hand????

We all no what happens next… Cue the embarrassing dance scene from a semi-naked Jim and then the slight matter of him blowing it (quite literally). You are such a cool guy Jim!!!

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