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7 Little Known Facts About The Classic Movie ‘Seven’

No one expected Seven to become such a cult classic (Brad Pitt helped), a movie investigating a serial killer inspired by the seven deadly sins. Here are Seven reasons why the movie ‘Seven’ is one of the best mystery thriller ever made!

  • Kevin Spacey’s involvement was deliberately kept a secret, he didn’t appear in any advertising, neither was his name included in the opening titles. This way the audience would be surprised by the killer’s identity.
  • Brad Pitt slipped whilst filming resulting in a deep wrist injury meaning he had to wear a cast, this was later written into the script.
  • All of John Doe’s notebooks were real. They took two months and $15,000 to make.
  • The movie ending was nearly changed as the executive’s thought it was too dark. Fincher, Freemen and Pitt all threatened to quit if the ending was changed. Knowing the actors were all so invested in the movie is pretty cool, only a few movies have had so much debate before.
  • VW Engines were attached to the set to make the Detective’s apartment shake, scenes like this are normally shaken with the camera, not the set, pretty impressive right.
  • The hideous ‘Gluttony’ scene had to be sealed with cling film to stop the seven crates of cockroaches escaping into the next studio. Disgusting right? Plus, they even had to have some help from an on hand cockroach wrangler.
  • The film achieved its iconic dark look by using a chemical process called bleach bypass, the silver within the film stock wasn’t removed to deepen the shadows.

A lot of Seven consists of small detail in and behind the scenes, using older processes can still work well too. Who said film was dead?

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