The Nostalgic Car Movies Every Petrolhead Needs To Watch


This 1998 French comedy is so stylish. Directed by The Fifth Elements Luc Besson. The star is the car, a V12 Peugeot 406 which is the fastest Taxi in Marseilles. It’s subtitled but so worth a watch for the driving segments, the awesome soundtrack and it’s pretty funny in places too as well as being action packed throughout.  The film was so popular in France that it had four more movies made and a remake in 2018 but this is the best one of the lot.

car movies - taxi

Weird Science

Another high school comedy from the mid 80’s. Gary and Wyatt are the school losers who through some crazy computer skills manage to create the perfect woman in Kelly Le Broc who comes to life and turns their lives around and get the girls they pine over. Who else would love to drive them home in a Ferrari Modial or a Porsche 928 when they were 15!

weird Science cars





License to Drive

The two Coreys (Haim and Feldman) star in this classic teen film from 1988. After pretending to get his license so he can take cheerleader Mercedes on a date. He borrows his Grandfathers Cadillac and well…the car gets totaled along the way! The stand out part are the dream sequences where he’s driving around is a Ferrari 328 GTS. Cue lots of fire, stunts, near missed and stylish driving that all teenagers dreamed that they could do once they got the license and the money to buy the dream car poster on their bedroom wall for real.

car movies - license to drive

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