12 nostalgia filled movies every petrolhead needs to watch

The cars are the co-stars in this noistalgia filled roundup

Love cars, love movies? Check out Retroheadz definitive round-up of some of the greatest car themed movies that have ever been made that are pure heaven for any discerning petrolhead.

1. Smokey and the Bandit

We thought we’d start off this nostalgia filled roundup with this 1977 classic and rightly so. The Bandit has to divert the police’s attention from the contraband beer they have been paid to transport across the southern states whilst in hot pursuit from Buford T. Justice and his son as The Bandit picks up his Son’s runaway Bride (played by Sally field). It has everything. Comedy, insane stunts, a beautiful V8 Pontiac Trans-Am and the legend that is Burt Reynolds as the Bandit. Smokey and the Bandit also spawned two sequels.

2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Skipping School has never been so much fun and looking back we are amazed at how much they packed in to the day and boy did they do it in Style. Ferris convinces his best friend Cameron to ‘borrow’ his father’s prized possession, a Ferrari 250 GT California. It all goes horribly wrong for the car in the end but its final day of life looked well worth it. Ferris sister also had a nice looking Pontiac Fiero as well!

3. Gone in 60 Seconds

So many cool cars here. Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie are car thief’s who embark on ticking off a list of much desired and very high end cars. There’s action throughout and some seriously nice cars that will get any car fan drawling throughout the movie.

4. Cannonball Run

The ultimate car movie with a stellar line up of stars race coast to coast. Hot Chicks (hey, they say it in the film) driving a Lamborghini Countach, fake priests driving a Ferrari 308 GTS, Roger Moore as a wannabe James Bond driving an Aston Martin DB5 and Burt Reynolds and Dom Delouise pretending to be Ambulance Drivers taking a ‘patient’ to the finish line. It’s worth watching just for the intro alone as well as all the other cameo’s from the stars of 1981. A further two movies were produced but this one is the best of the bunch.

5. Taxi

This 1998 French comedy is so stylish. Directed by The Fifth Elements Luc Besson. The star is the car, a V12 Peugeot 406 which is the fastest Taxi in Marseilles. It’s subtitled but so worth a watch for the driving segments, the awesome soundtrack and it’s pretty funny in places too as well as being action packed throughout.  The film was so popular in France that it had three more movies made but this is the best one of the lot.

6. Weird Science

Another high school comedy from the mid 80’s. Gary and Wyatt are the school losers who through some crazy computer skills manage to create the perfect woman in Kelly Le Broc who comes to life and turns their lives around and get the girls they pine over. Who else would love to drive them home in a Ferrari Modial or a Porsche 928 when they were 15!


7. License to Drive

The two Coreys (Haim and Feldman) star in this classic teen film from 1988. After pretending to get his license so he can take cheerleader Mercedes on a date. He borrows his Grandfathers Cadillac and well…the car gets totaled along the way! The stand out part are the dream sequences where he’s driving around is a Ferrari 328 GTS. Cue lots of fire, stunts, near missed and stylish driving that all teenagers dreamed that they could do once they got the license and the money to buy the dream car poster on their bedroom wall for real.

8. Back to the Future.

If this movie came out when the Deloreon was first made, then they would have a made a fortune out of it. The Deloreon was used due to its all Aluminium construction which helped it travel through time and thanks to the success of the trilogy has been a must have with fans from all over the world. The movie also featured lots of classic American cars from 1955 and now classic ones from 1985. Marty’s jet black Toyota pick-up truck which came to prominence in Back to the Future 2 also shouldn’t be overlooked as well as Griff’s BMW 3 series convertible in Back to the Future 2, however, everyone remembers it for the Deloreon and rightly so. It’s so iconic!

9. The Fast and the Furious

Probably one of the longest running series of films and at the time of press there’s an eight one being made. One for fans of highly modified Japanese cars with nitrous everywhere and dump valves a plenty. Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker star in these thrill rides and the series looks like it’s not going to stop with more on the way. If you’re a fan of Nissan Skylines, Mazda’s, Toyota’s and classic muscle cars with body kits in garish colours then this is the film series for you, you have plenty to choose from.

10. Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

Everyone’s favourite VW Beatle takes on some mid ‘70’s supercars on a humerous and entertaining adventure in the Trans-France Race. Herbie is up against some pretty cool cars from the time including a De Tomaso Pantera, Porsche 917 and a Lancia Scorpian who is Herbie’s love interest at the end.

11. Driven

Sylvester Stallone’s take on Formula One is a cracking film. Though its only loosely based on the racing series (it takes place during the fictional Champ Car series) it has its moments such as the films rivals taking to the streets in the insanely fast race cars and the race scenes are pretty thrilling throughout.

12. The Italian Job

An all time great, the classic British crime caper movie starring Michael Caine, Noel Coward and three nippy little Mini’s all after some Italian gold bullion. Clearly everyone involved had a great time making this movie and who could forget the trashing of the beautiful Lamborghini Muira in the opening credits and later on the fantastic Aston Martin too. You can’t get more retro and nostalgic then this movie!

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