redneck ed

Redneck Ed: Astro Monster Show Beat ‘Em Up Coming Soon

We love good side scrolling beat ’em ups here at Retroheadz and while we’re all looking forward to Streets of Rage 4 to finally come out there’s more than this on the horizon when it comes to beat ’em ups you might want to keep an eye out for Redneck Ed: Astro Monster Show

Who’s Redneck Ed?

Redneck Ed is, you guessed it a Redneck mechanic who goes on an intergalactic Game Show whilst trying to retrieve his stolen face.

Yes, we said missing face.

The game sounds utterly bonkers, it also looks stunning with its hand drawn artwork throughout. Check out the new teaser trailer for it to see it in action.

As you can see the game has some amazing graphics and animation, it reminds us of Cuphead and developers Rustic Fantastic development studio should be commended for the way it looks so far.

The game promises multiple endings, endless waves of enemies, big bosses and side missions to complete as you help the local aliens out.

The surreal game is currently in development and will be coming out on PC, as to whether it will be on other systems, we don’t know as of yet but will keep you updated as we find out more.

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