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New Book On The History Of Arcade Hit NBA Jam Coming Out

NBA Jam was a bit of a phenomenon back in the 90’s.

The game took the the much loved game of basketball and injected special movies, tons of humour and secret characters like Bill Clinton and DJ Jazzy Jeff and it was great fun to play and looked fantastic too.

Luckily for fans of the series created by arcade giants Midway, a new book is coming out in October 2019 that delves into the history and the people behind this classic franchise.

The 256 page book written by Reynan Ali covers the history and secrets of the epic two on two basketball game.

The book is simply titled NBA Jam and is being published by Boss Fight Books who specialise in publishing video game books.

When Is The NBA Jam Book Available?

NBA Jam is officially out on the 22nd October 2019 and will cost $20 in the US and $30 for international orders. You can read more about NBA Jam over on Boss Fight Books website.

So if you’re a fan of the series and considering the sales of the game on the SNES and Mega Drive back in the day that’s quite a few of us this could be a nice book to have on your coffee table or on the shelf of your gaming room.

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