atari 2600+ console

Atari Releasing New Upgraded Atari 2600+ Console

Atari is releasing a brand new version of the Atari 2600.

The new upgraded Atari 2600+ and will be available from the 17th November 2023 which if our maths is correct over 45 years, one month and 17 days (ish) since the wood bedecked wonder console first came out.

The Atari 2600+ will come with one classic joystick and 10 games in one cartridge which includes the following classic Atari games:

  • Yars Revenge
  • Missile Command
  • Adventure
  • Combat
  • Dodge ‘Em
  • Video Pinball
  • Maze Craze
  • Realsports Volleyball
  • Surround
  • Haunted House

What’s All The + About?

So yeah, the 2600 comes with a +, so what does this mean?

Well, for starters it has an HDMI port so you can connect it to your shiny 4K TV in widescreen mode and it’s also compatible with pretty much all the original 2600 and Atari 7800 cartridges, Atari have a PDF that lists all the old cartridges fans can play as well.

How Much Is It?

Atari are selling it for $129.99 which seems a bit ambitious for such an ancient console and its available direct from them or from Amazon in the US and UK with shipping to be in December 2023 if pre-ordered.

However, who are we to deny the joys of nostalgia for every gaming generation and for many who were there back in the day this could be a must have Xmas gift.

It could equally be a novel addition to the game room for those that love a bit of gaming history which we can definitely agree the 2600 is the console that started the whole industry off and now you can get one with modern connections.

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