Scooter - How much is the fish
Youtube capture / Kontor

Perfect 10: Scooter Instrumentals That Rocked The Dancefloor

Rhapsody in E

There is no doubt in our minds which tune should be number one on this list. Rhapsody in E is taken from …and the beat goes on! This was also a B-Side on the 1994 Hyper Hyper single.

If Scooter had released this as the A-side things could have been very different for them.

Not just one of their best tunes but we would go out on a limb and say one of the best Dance music tracks of all time.

There really isn’t anything else like this and it’s hard to categorise. Beautiful synths, high energy rhythm, squelching Acid and stunning pianos.

It just builds and builds into something unique with a huge swell of nostalgia.

We hope you liked our choices and if you were a Scooter hater before then we hope you’ve given us a chance to change your mind. It’s not all about Moving your ass whilst being Hyper Hyper you know:)

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